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We are forming a globally Networked.Community to develop solutions to unmitigated societal risks. Our effort started in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic as a way to request and provide support to our local community members. However, as we quickly realized that this epidemic was a symptom rather than a root issue, our mission quickly expanded.

The Global economy is broken, adequate safety nets do not exist, the world is divided by us vs. them, and the chasm between the haves and have-nots exponentially widens.

It’s time to create a new society. It’s time for a Networked.Community.

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Since March 16th, 2020

The current pilot city, Battle Creek, Michigan, includes the first features of the project, which includes ways to offer and receive help through various local organizations. The site also includes a community resource guide so folks can look up essential services and resources in their area. Although the site is not meant as a source for news, links to COVID-19 updates are included, including to the WHO, CDC, State, County, and City sites.

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Berin Iwlew - Project Lead
Joe Breslin - Management
Adam Brooks - Project Manager
Johannes Dumitru - DevOps , Architect
John Wang - .NET Developer
Alex Vanino - InfoSec, Public Safety
Chris Randle - Umbraco MVP
Shadi Shawki - .NET Developer
Stephen Scapelliti - Mentor

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