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Improve Infection Control

Much-needed infrastructure and infection control for hospitals at capacity.

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Designed in partnership with the NHS and UK Department of Health, the KwickScreen was created to improve infection control and reduce healthcare-acquired infections. Retractable, portable, and reusable screens.

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Strong brand awareness and adoption in the UK, but limited exposure in North America.

A news article that shows how the product is being used today:

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A few tasks at hand:

1. How can we do more research on what medical studies validate our value prop?
2. How can we get more medical professionals to go on record to prove our value prop (testimonials, etc)?
3. How can we conduct more scientific experiments to prove our value prop?
4. How can we get in front of hospital admins and healthcare facility management ASAP using creative marketing tactics and existing networks? <>

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A seven-year-old company with products adopted by NHS, Mount Sinai, Boston Children's Hospital, and more.

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