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People who are at high risk from COVID-19 or are quarantined are unable to leave their houses and obtain necessities like food and medical supplies without putting themselves or others at risk. To mitigate this, many local groups and organizations, big and small, have started initiatives to try and get resources such as food and medicine to these people, and help out with important tasks such as walking dogs.

Unfortunately, a number of these organizations are struggling with certain logistics, such as coordinating their volunteer workforce, prioritizing the most urgent requests, and ensuring that all requests get fulfilled.

Reach4Help is an open project that is completely run by volunteers that are aiming to address these issues, not only enabling those in need to receive help, but also enabling partner groups and organizations to help more efficiently by mobilizing their volunteers with the help of our own tracking and ticketing system

How far along is it

We are about to launch our MVP. This should happen between the beginning and the mid of April

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Tasks that need to get done

We need frontend engineers so we can build our product faster. Our stack is React with Typescript. Our backend is built with Firebase and at the moment is almost fully operational, leaving most of the work on the frontend.

Our design team could definitely have some more people as they are highly
capable and experienced but, as volunteers, can only give so much time.

We also need help with our effort to reach out to organizations that could benefit from the product. We have a set of questions that should enable us to get some feedback and build the best product possible.

Regarding organizations, we are at a point where it starts to make sense onboarding organizations that would be willing to be beta testers in the upcoming weeks.

We could also benefit from having more data entered into our map, as this is useful for people that might need to find an organization near them, whether to join as a volunteer or to ask for help.

Also, we need some help with marketing and reaching out to our end users (Persons in Need and Volunteers)

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We are a group of volunteers, ranging from marketing people to dynamic, experienced and enthusiastic engineers, to project managers! We feel pride in what we are doing and would like to have you on board!

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