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Selfie lenses to spread public health into in a fun way

Selfie lenses (like Snap puppy filter) to quickly, broadly, & cheaply reach young ppl w/ public health info in a non-preachy way.

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About the Project


We are a group called Lefty Lenses who have been applying selfie lenses (like the Snapchat puppy filter) to politics for the 2020 election. Our lenses have reached 125M people in 10 weeks, and we've spent $0.

Now we turn our expertise in this incredibly viral (no pun intended) medium towards spreading public health into on coronavirus. But done in a way that doesn't feel preachy. This is our speciality.

There are two ways to help. Let us know which you prefer, if either:

1. Lensmaking: Can you please download and confirm that you're interested in a) using this creative suite, and b) making lenses around COVID-19?
2. Marketing: We can always use help from savvy social media marketers in getting our lenses distributed smartly on Snap and Insta. If you think you can help, especially with influencer marketing, let me know.

Also, just for context, this work sprung out of an existing lenses group called Lefty Lenses who have been working on applying selfie lenses to the 2020 election. Currently we're focused on COVID-19 work. It's largely nonpartisan work, though there definitely still is chatter in the Slack and even a few lenses coming out about the Trump administration's role. Anyhow, people of any political persuasion are welcome to help on the covid work ... just wanted to give prior context so no one is uncomfortable :)

P.S. If none of those options suit you, but you're interested in other general covid volunteer work, we're also leading a few other projects which can use more good people.

How far along is it

Our lenses have reached 125M people in 10 weeks, and we've spent $0.

Now there may be some money coming in where we can learn faster and boost winners.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

People who can make lenses in Snap's Lens Studio ( It's not that hard: anyone with graphics skills can pick it up quickly!

We'd also like folks making stuff in Spark AR Studio for Insta. But new lenses are not getting approved there at the moment, so it's lower priority.

Also anyone who is a good social media marketer can be of great help.

Project details

Who is already working on this

Founders are serial entrepreneurs. One is a Snap Official Lens Creator, and the other is tech CEO and alum of MIT, Berkeley, and McKinsey.

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