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In the U.S. it is up to each state to enforce a mandatory lockdown. It is proven that lockdowns will significantly "flatten the curve," and save lives. We need to stop waiting on the government and OWN this responsibility. While people are "staying inside," it is not enough. At the time of this writing on 4/12/2020 there are 1.8M cases, 113k deaths. The U.S. is the most alarming with 311k cases and 8500 deaths. We cannot WAIT for the government to take action, it is already too late. We need to build an app fast so that people take the pledge with us and join our movement. The app will use GPS to know if someone left their house or not. The idea is for each user to challenge themselves by staying in as long as they can. If they leave their home or a geofence, they are disqualified. Users will earn points by staying in everyday, and they can post to social media that they have "Saved X Lives by Staying in for X Days." Users will be able to set up groups and view leaderboards against their friends. They will also be able to set up "Challenges" similar to FitBit challenges. We will use gamification and incentivize users to almost NEVER leave their homes unless they desperately need to. We will get Companies to contribute and donate prizes. For example, if someone can complete 7 days of not leaving their home, they will earn a free 3-month subscription to Netflix. The second and third week of April is supposed to be the worst months. We have a limited window to build this and create something that may save the world. Join our movement as we are mobilized millions of people to take our challenge and pledge to stay home. *This app will be available for everyone in the world.*

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We are wireframing and building out a prototype by Monday, April 13.

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We are looking for the following talented and motivated people. Please remember that we are building something of great significance super fast. We are looking for highly dedicated volunteers who do not mind putting in a lot of hours to build this. We are looking for ~
UX Designers
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Desi, Founder - Serial Entrepreneur
Justin, Cofounder - Serial Entrepreneur, Multiple App Creator, Developer

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