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COVID-19 Free Digital Screening

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We have a two-part COVID-19 medical helpline. First, our AI system digitally assesses a patient's need for medical attention. Then, those who likely have contracted the virus and who are put at great risk by it are automatically virtually connected with one of the physicians in our national network of medical professionals. The medical attention that the patient receives comes at no cost to the patient, because our system accepts Medicare and Medicaid.
AI and telemedicine are the tools that we need to adopt in this pandemic. AI triages patients in order to allow medical professionals to maximize their time, while telemedicine takes the burden off of hospitals and allows people to receive care at home (reducing the spread of the disease).
Anyone can access these medical resources at no cost to them. We firmly believe that our system can minimize disparities in healthcare availability.

How far along is it

We have created the entire AI and telemedicine system. We have launched our services, but we need more exposure and we need financial assistance in order to pay for that exposure. We have a huge potential to help people with our system, but we will only reach our potential if people know about us and if we have the resources to sustain ourselves.

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We need volunteers to work on researching, grant writing, and communications. We are trying to raise awareness of our services, because we want to reach and help as many people as possible!

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This is a philanthropic effort by:
Dr. Scott Kelley
Marcelle Kelley
Jameis Winston

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