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Description is for all those seeking comfort and solace.
Express your thoughts, emotions, feelings on and get solutions, advice, suggestions, tips from people going through similar things.
During these tough, trying and challenging times, we are bridging the gap between you, your problems and someone who wants to hear you out and lend a helping hand.
If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, upset, angry, sad or depressed, then is the place for you!
We also have a blog with regular articles, modules and resources by experts on mental health and coronavirus.
Crisis helplines and a list of professional help is also available on the site.

How far along is it

The site is live on:
The COVID-19 specific community forum can be found here:

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

1) Marketing: Our platform is ready, live and operational in full force. What we need is a team which can help us reach to the masses and make them aware of our platform as an important resource point during these times.
2) Content: Articles on how we can combat mental health and it's different aspects during coronavirus. These needs to be original content and can include personal submissions. Articles written by experts, psychologists, psychiatrists are more than welcome.
3) Modules: Modules by experts and professionals on coping and dealing with mental health
4) QA sessions: Question and Answer sessions on with experts, mental health professionals, psychologists etc. to answer the queries which most of the people have these days in regards to anxiety, depression etc.
5) Social Media: Help us spread the word and generate awareness regarding how important it is to take care of one's mental health right now
6) Video Content: Original content on mental health

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Drishti Gupta
Bani Singh
Nitesh Kumar Niranjan
With ♥️ from India

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