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COVIDhelp - Launch a community helpline in 48 hours! (the official volunteering solution of Estonia and Latvia!)

Created over 1 year ago
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About the Project


We launched a senior helpline in 48 hours, now it's your turn!
COVIDhelp by Zelos is a solution that connects a helpline with a volunteering app. Senior or at-risk citizen call the helpline, an operator triages the ticket, and it automatically gets sent to the smartphones of volunteers.
-Less pressure on emergency teams.
-Less people breaking the quarantine to get groceries.
-More community empowerment.

-Over 2 years of real-world use with NGOs and organizations.
-App available in Android and iOS
-Setup in less than 2 days with a phone line, or even hours with a simple web form.


How far along is it

We developed the tool two years ago, and pivoted it for the Crisis last month. It's ready to work in your community today!

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need people willing to set up community helplines and teams in their own towns. The API is free, but some funds will be needed to cover the software.

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We are a team of former Volunteer Coordinators, who decided to create a task delegation system of volunteers.

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