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The First 15 min At-home COVID Antigen Test

COVID-NOW is an at-home COVID antigen test in development by Quorum X Diagnostics (QXD). Similar to a pregnancy test, it will te

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About the Project


We are developing a rapid take home COVID test. It's "kinda" like a pregnancy test but for COVID....and it's NOT a PCR or IgG/IgM test. This test screens for antigens produced by the virus during the 1-12 days BEFORE symptoms. This can be used to screen asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic patients. Presently, 97% COVID tests on the global market are PCR based tests. This means the entire world is pulling on the same PCR reagents. What happens when the reagents run dry? Our test is a lateral flow test, which is the test Dr. Birx of the Trump task force deemed the "most ideal" test needed.

How far along is it

The QXD-3 COVID NOW test prototype is in the process of completion. We will be leveraging many of the relationships and documents that we have established with the last diagnostic allowing us ease of use to get to market. With our last diagnostic test, the QXD-1 Fast Test for Pseudomonal pneumonia, we have a working prototype tested against patient samples, an International PCT patent application filed, an FDA presubmission, 3 hospitals ready for clinical's, a manufacturer identified, 4 letters of recommendation and a strong relationship with a tele-doc service that is located in 40 states. They also have kiosks at several drugstores selling take-home rapid tests for other ailments. We have halted development of that to focus on the QXD-3 COVID NOW test. We will leverage all these relationships, and documents for a COVID test as both tests are very similar lateral flow tests.

Currently, we have a finished prototype and will begin practice patient testing in the near future. Our biggest priority right now is to secure the funds needed to finish research and start production. 50K will allow us to build the prototype. 1.2M to get the product to market in 3 months or less.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need Funding. 50K will allow us to build the prototype. 1.2M to get the product to market in 3 months or less.

Volunteers needed for:
[Remote and/or Atlanta, GA based]
1) Marketing
2) Fundraising
3) Crowdfunding
4) Web Design and development
5) Accountant to help with tax-related items
6) Research: Technical journal review

Project details

Who is already working on this

Dr. Maria M. Nagy-PhD and CEO of Quorum X Diagnostics Inc., research emphasis in bacterial communication.

Dr. Angel A. Rivers-MD/PhD, seasoned scientist of 25 years and 85 peer-reviewed publications.

Mr. Azad Rahman, 10 years of management experience at Deloitte.

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