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Testing for Covid is a free, not-for-profit, crowdsourced website for locating COVID-19 test sites nationwide.

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About the Project


There is an urgent need for easily accessed, accurate information about test sites including locations, hours and patient requirements. We currently have data on more than 450 sites and hope to expand to cover as many of the more than 3,000 counties in the U.S. as possible. We have a core commitment to privacy, so users provide no personal information and are not required to create an account to access data. We are all volunteers, have no profit motive and collect no personal data from users.

The site is live at

iOS/Android companion apps at review stage

How far along is it

The website was launched early April and we have over 450 test sites so far. The project was featured on here: We are now in the CRUCIAL outreach phase where we need to recruit community crowdsourcing initially as county level advocates to submit and keep the information accurate in real time. The interim goal is to cover all 3000 counties each with 1-2 testingforcovid volunteer coordinator responsible for their own local county.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

In order of urgency right now:

> Marketing, PR, and Social Media volunteers:

The primary goal is to get this site into the hands of those who need it. ANYONE can help here, but volunteers with PR attention and other marketing & social media expertise are particular needed to help make this happen quickly - we have no time to waste getting this free valuable information on the site to the masses.

The secondary goal is to encourage crowdsourcing submission new site and realtime correction of site information on an ongoing basis. This requires:
- a social media campaign to the general public to all donate 5 minutes for the cause and enter a site they know from their local news. We need help building, funding and maintaining this.
- recruitment of 1-2 volunteers to represent EACH COUNTY of the US to a) collate information on their local testing sites, b) keep on top of accuracy and c) advocate for more locals to join the fight. Please volunteer and step up for that responsibility as the majority of the 3000 or so US counties still have 0 reported testing sites on the website - that needs to change ASAP. Please check whether YOU are in a county of zero.

> Data collection, data quality control and data entry volunteers:

As drive through testing becomes more mainstream and the public begin submit corrections and feedback in earnest, we are looking for volunteers to:

- monitor local news for announcements of new sites
- enter the new sites
- check the sources and verify submissions
- implement corrections to dataset.
- an efficient process to do this developed by a data expert.

> Language Localization
- Looking for native bilingual volunteers or professional translators to help provide the website and apps in Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, German, and Portuguese.

> Legal volunteers:

We need help reviewing legal disclaimers and terms of service agreements as it pertains to HIPAA and medical information website.

Project details

Who is already working on this

Led by Louis Leung, Ph.D., with help from Mike Emory, Ph.D. and Jessica Meckmann, we are a growing group of scientists and engineers who developed this resource when considering the same question that is on the minds of millions of people in the US: What can I do to help? Louis earned his undergraduate and doctorate degrees at the University of Cambridge, recently completed post-doctoral research in neuroscience at Stanford University and now works for a Silicon Valley neuroscience start-up. He is lead author of a research article featured on the cover of the journal Nature in 2019. Mike received his Ph.D. from Stanford and is employed as a research scientist. Jessica is an iOS programmer.

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