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Simulator for the spread of COVID19 disease within refugee camps

We are developing models to help NGOs and camp authority to plan for the potential outbreak of virus in refugee camps worldwide

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About the Project


Refugee camps usually have a very high population density which makes them vulnerable to the spread of the pandemic. Within these camps, vulnerable groups extend beyond the old population and there are people with conditions like TB, HIV, malnutrition which expose them at a higher risk to the virus. Due to the lack of quarantine facilities in these camps, the virus left uncurbed will spread very quickly since young people and old people have regular interactions. There are already a relatively small number of medical staff working in the camps, lack of medical supply due to less attention paid to the refugee camps can mean that the medical staff are at a greater risk of getting infected.

We see that epidemiology models have the potential to inform and mobilise NGOs and camp authorities to better prepare and plan interventions and supplies in case an outbreak happens. We aim to roll out this tool in several camps in Greece first as a proof of concept and then we will aim to form a partnership with UNHCR to roll out this tool in other camps around the world.

How far along is it

We built our first iteration of the models over the weekend hackathon (see the website link below) and now we are expanding our effort to improve on our models and at the same time engage with potential end-users to conduct user research in the tools we are trying to build

Project target location
Moria refugee camp

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Modelling group - using programming language like Python, R, NetLogo, Mason to expand the modelling work also need GIS specialists for mapping out the camp to produce shapefiles to feed into the model.
Application group - user testing and user research, front-end web app design
Research - best possible interventions by studying ebola/mers/sars outbreak in the past in refugee camps to build up organisation knowledge.

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Billy - Data Scientist
Alice - Former Head of Data, Impact and Product at Techfugees
Joel - NGO working in refugee camps in Greece

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