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Building face masks by modifying full face snorkeling masks to work with various filters

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We're building a reusable face mask that protects people from coronavirus by covering the user's entire face and filtering all the air that a user breathes.

The mask is made of (1) a full face snorkeling mask, (2) a filter, and (3) a plastic adapter to connect 1 and 2.

The design is based on the Pneumask created by the Prakash Lab at Stanford.

How far along is it

Testing prototypes

Talking to provincial health system to understand testing/deployment process

Talking to Canadian regulators to understand medical device approval process

Talking to snorkel mask manufacturers to secure supplies

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Get funding

Secure supplies of snorkeling masks

Design and build various plastic adapters for variety of filters to attach to snorkeling masks

Get Canadian regulatory approval

Connect with appropriate procurement offices at Canadian hospitals/provincial health systems

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software startup founder, programmer, mechanical engineer, materials scientist, orthopedic surgeon, ER doctor, and a lawyer

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