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Nelson Mandela Intervention group

Young people do make a lot of difference ,students are the future of tomorrow ,let the screening involve fruits of democracy

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The project aims to assist the South African government. The screening process that are taking place in overpopulated areas to help fight this pandemic issue requires a lot of commitment and hard work.The project aims to recruit student who will voluntary assist the nation in conduction of screening and educating people about the disease.Student have a lot to offer and have more time to donate through assisting the nation to fight this issue since they are future leaders of this nation.The project include health and non health student who are very passionate about adding value and willing to assoe the nation fight this pandemic issue. people are dying the economy is floating .Let the the youth take part ,because we currently spend more time on TV and eating but our intervention could do a lot and make a lot of difference. Nelson Mandela would have made something to ensure that he adds value and gives a helping hand through fighting this issue therefore since he is no more we proud to ensure that we do his part and we make a lot of difference.

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So far we were able to educate people especially adults around our neighborhood about the virus covid 19

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We want to form part of the screening and testing team

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I personally have been conducting research in terms of how we young people be an helping hand through fighting this pandemic. I only have one team mate and we have been trying our level best to submit voluntary applications

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