wellyou in hard times

A free app to help people be active, socially connected, healthy, optimistic and well-informed during this crisis.

Created over 1 year ago
71 Volunteers

About the Project


“wellyou in hard times" is designed to help people all over the world in maintaining their physical, mental, and social well-being, cope with the effects expected to arise in self-isolation by providing them with credible information, connecting them to their loved ones and keeping them busy with a routine of fun things to do and share.

List of features:
1) A source of credible information
Only reliable and trustworthy guidelines as provided by official health authorities will be presented to stop the spread of false information and with this, help users feel less overwhelmed. Our deep-dive topics have been written by our psychologists and nutritionists to help users thrive physically, mentally, and socially while in self-isolation. These topics offer information and possible solutions to difficulties we all may experience during these times of crisis.

2) Keeping the immune system strong
Daily and weekly tasks to support people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and habits at home by paying particular attention to hygiene, exercise, and nutrition.

3) Daily positive content to keep motivated and uplifted
Positive news, daily recommendations (i.e. books, films, podcasts, etc.) and something inspiring to encourage them to take action or reflect on.

4) A chance to engage in reflection
Users set their daily intention in the morning, being surprised by a new question every afternoon, and thinking about what went well every evening.

5) Keeping active with a new routine every day
By accomplishing fun tasks, challenges and personal to-dos all of which boost physical, mental, and social well-being. A balance ring with 3 colors visually shows in real-time how a user's balance is.

6) Connecting to loved ones with a simple email invite
To see what their friends and family members are up to, how they're feeling and to create moments together.

How far along is it

Today (April 10) we will submit the first version of the app to Apple and will launch as soon as it's approved (week of April 13 - 19). We are looking into developing an Android version, as we receive more resources.

Project target location
(1) Firstly, N. America (2) End of April, global

Project details

Who is already working on this

- Adam & Amelia: founders of wellyou
- Felix: Head of IT working with a 4-person iOS dev. team in Ukraine
- Belinda: Head of Psychology
- Hans: Advisor in UX/UI, user journey
- 9 full-time interns & 8 part-time volunteers in business development, marketing, psychology, and nutrition.

Helpful links
(concept note and promo videos: long version with app flow & short version without)

How to get in touch or discord