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🏎 Speed Medical Matching! A website where professionals can donate their time & skills to hospitals in need. 🏎

🏎 Speed Medical Matching! A website where professionals can donate their time & skills to hospitals in need. 🏎

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4/25 8AM CST Update - Team members still needed! Please connect by registering here and we'll setup intros shortly!


***Problem: COVID-19 Will Cause Staffing Shortages***
***Idea: Professionals have spare time to volunteer to hospitals***
***Solution: Website that connects professionals to hospitals in need***

Our goal is to connect medical providers to hospitals with staffing shortages caused by COVID-19. Italy & France have shown us the importance of being able to increase hospital capacity quickly. In addition to nurses & doctors, facilities will need technicians, schedulers, admins, etc.

We are building a centralized location where hospitals can request services, and anyone with a medical skillset can offer their time.

With current projections, the largest strain on the healthcare system will come 2-4 weeks from today. To get ahead of the curve we are executing a version of the following plan -

Week 1 - Build Intake for Volunteers & Hospitals (COMPLETE)
Week 2 - Begin to Match Volunteers to Jobs (NEED HELP NOW)
Week 3 - Continue enrollment & Run Support Operations
Week 4 & Onward - Develop features facilities are asking for.

We launched our beta targeted at physicians before the Coronavirus pandemic and can be viewed here:

Tech & Non-Tech volunteers welcome. Together we can mitigate staffing shortages and save lives.

How far along is it

We've launched our MVP product & had 330 providers register to volunteer with us.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Non-Tech volunteers welcome.

Tech side, our MVP product serves as an intake system that can readily match providers with hospitals. Current tech stack is PHP & React. To aid in coronavirus efforts we would need to build additional features:

- Matching System (Currently Manual)
- Provider Intake Form
- Upload Download of Documents
- Map of Jobs
- Other features as requested by customers

We need additional non tech help:

- Legal agreements
- Advertising
- Physician, Nurse, & other Provider Enrollment.

Stay safe, care for the sick.

Project details

Who is already working on this

Apollo was founded by 2 medical students, Jon (CEO) & Matt (Head of CX), at the University of Iowa. Our third cofounder Christian (COO) was previously an IT Director at AB-Inbev. Development is currently outsourced to a local agency.

Mentors include: Dr. Richard Ferguson (Former CEO ACT Testing), Alec Whitters (CEO HLT Forbes 30 under 30 winner), Matt Rooda (CEO Swinetech also Forbes 30 under 30 winner), Bruce Guyant (former head of physician recruitment at CHG (largest staffing agency) and now head of recruitment for Cristus Health, Suresh Gunasekaran (CEO of U of Iowa Hospitals)

We raised our first round of Angel Funding Q1 of 2020.

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