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Help us get essential supplies to the vulnerable

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We’re looking for volunteers to launch an app that will help self-isolating people access essential supplies from local shops.

As countries go into lockdown, large numbers of self-isolating people are unable to get to the shops to buy what they need. CanDo (a social entrepreneurship incubator, based in London) are pulling together an emergency team of volunteers to launch an app which connects people stuck at home to others who can buy/deliver essential supplies from local shops for them.

How far along is it

We expect to be ready to pilot in March, with a view to a national roll-out in early April. We are able to process payments at present. We plan to launch the application the first week of April.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We're looking for volunteers based across the UK for a variety of tasks. If you have time please do consider getting involved! We would love to hear from you. At the moment, we really need Bubble developers and customer service volunteers.

We're looking for volunteers who can help us with: accounting, communications, customer service, deliveries, operations, graphic design, back-end development and legal.

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