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òtító: debunk COVID misinformation using innovative media format

òtító is a web app and new media format that combats misinformation using articles organised into statements of fact.

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About the Project


One of the biggest challenges of the COVID crisis relates to misinformation in the form of poor health advice and conspiracy theories—especially in the developing world. òtító lets you gather trustworthy information, debunk misinformation and moderate the quality of sources, ALL IN ONE PLACE. Together we can eradicate COVID-19 misinformation along with the illness—indeed, the latter depends on the former.

How far along is it

òtító is live already and has multiple user-generated topics and claims.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need people to help us:

1.) Create content and topics that share reliable information about COVID-19
2.) Moderate the quality of sources being used to back up claims in topics

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òtító already has a thriving community—with hundreds of monthly users and almost 100 content contributors. We've seen an increase in contributions related to COVID-19 and you can help scale that effort!

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