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The Bldg App’s COVID-19 Community Support Platform

The Bldg App’s new COVID-19 platform supports the creation and sharing of resources around local community efforts.

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Our COVID-19 Initiatives channel provides tools for residents and neighborhoods to mobilize local support efforts, resource sharing and aid campaigns. The COVID-19 page has 20 different Initiative topics where you can list Call-to-Actions, Ideas, Polls, Events, and Contests concerning the efforts that you are a part of or are looking to establish.

How far along is it

The Bldg App is live and our team is continuing to add new features.

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We need help in gathering and listing support activities around the US. Initiatives include a wide range of ways users and organizations can help contribute to crisis efforts from “Medical Supplies” to “Creative Action” and “Exercise.”

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Our team of four has been developing the Bldg App since 2019 and launched this page in early April to support crisis efforts.

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