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Marketplace that connects industry with scientists to bring COVID-19 cures and treatments to people faster

Created 5 months ago
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About the Project


I started Halo to connect scientists directly with companies that can help bring their ideas to market faster in any research area. I'd like to use our platform to connect companies working on COVID-19 with our network of scientists who come from 200+ universities across the world.

Halo works just like a job site only companies post RFPs around their research interests and scientists submit research proposals. Here's a live example but in Water Research:

How far along is it

The site exists and has users. We're just repurposing it for COVID.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

First, we could use engineering and design support. Justin works full-time at Airbnb and can only work on Halo during his off hours.

Second, we need RFPs with technical requirements from companies looking to bring new screening tests, therapeutics, vaccines, masks, etc. for COVID-19.

Since this is a new area for us, we don't have relationships with these companies. Typically the right contact is in External Innovation or R&D at a large company, head of biz dev at a medium sized company or a Chief Science Officer at a smaller company.

Project details

Who is already working on this

Kevin Leland (me): I’m a growth marketer who has spent over a decade building early-stage tech companies, including several vertical marketplaces. I was a founding employee and EIR at VC firm Lightbank, business designer at IDEO and head of marketing at several venture-backed startups.

Justin Chen: Senior software engineer at Airbnb for 6+ years

Tyler Drake, PhD: Previously served as Senior Manager of External Innovation at Baxter (Fortune 200), launched a biotech incubator in Austin and worked as a research scientists for nine years at Duke University.

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