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As the name of my project suggests, this project is to unite us for the fight against "Covid-19".

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As we know , a lot of people are suffering directly or indirectly from this pandemic(Covid-19), this project brings a hope to bring smile again on the faces of everyone and unite them against the virus. Nowadays, many people are getting mislead by false news and rumours. It is our goal to eliminate all sorts of rumours against this virus. We can make use of 'Social Media' to make everyone aware about the authenticity of facts being circulated. We will give suggestions on how to make use of their "Quarantine-period" to learn and be creative. We intend to make this project work on a large scale and prevent community-spread and make people understand the need of the hour.

How far along is it

I have made a macro team along with my friends who are working towards this cause. We already have a project outline but it won't be effective if it does not reach the masses.Thus, I need maximum support through volunteers to make this project work .

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1) We need to promote our project and reach the masses so we need good content writers, designers and people with marketing skills.
2) We need technophiles who are well versed with social media platforms and who can work effectively on various softwares such as : Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, Android Studio, MS Word, and Google Docs.

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I(Akshat Saxena) am the creator of this project.I have my three friends Shashank Garg, Shivanshu Tripathi, Aditya Gupta working on this project with me.

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