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Hollywood Helps Hospitals

Hollywood Helps Hospitals connects film & TV resources with hospitals in need.

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About the Project


In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hollywood production shut down, leaving Film & TV professionals (& their equipment) idle. Some of these resources can help fill the urgent needs of local hospitals struggling to respond to this fast-moving health crisis.

Hospitals & Testing Facilities: Tell us what you need!
Film & TV Equipment Vendors: Tell us what you have!
Production People: Volunteer to Help!

How far along is it

We've been up and running for a month now, working day and night, connecting resources. Our website is being built. Once it's up we can scale up our efforts. We continue to have more work than our volunteers can do! We've:
-Found community organizer nurses who report front-line needs
-Connected "maker" partners: FX houses making 3-D prints with costumers sewing masks, for example.
-Located medically approved patterns so makers are creating PPE hospitals want
-Partnered with an umbrella group, OSCMS for leadership guidance & networking help
-Connected with local unions to see how we can help
-Created a database of pandemic-repurpose-able items. Our "Craig's List-type" website will contain listings of equipment, supplies, & volunteers available to hospitals. This database will make the listings searchable with accurate results (despite medical terms differing from Hollywood terms).

Project target location
Los Angeles, to start but can work from anywhere, spread our services with more volunteers

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

-Proactive research for items we predict will be needed in the coming crunch - for ex: Sterilization equipment (large autoclaves for fabric masks)
-Finding OSHA-approved PAPR masks to work as ventilator alternatives
-Find a "Social Media Minder". We're woefully lacking on social media outreach.
-Data input
-Follow-up with contacts on hospital needs
-Follow-up with makers with finding materials they need
-Locate Hollywood vendors who are paying their idle staff & negotiate to have their staff volunteer some hours
-Generate Medical "Priorities" lists for each hospital in need

Project details

Who is already working on this

I'm Diana Hamann. I called my doctor to make sure his healthcare facility knew about idle Hollywood resources that could help during the pandemic. He said "Get me this...and this...and this...!" So I rallied a merry band of entertainment industry pals (& their pals) & we got to work.

We found our wonderful tech guru, Eric Busboom of here on Thanks, Eric & thanks to the organizers of this project!!

You don't have to be in the entertainment industry to volunteer with us - but it helps if you have some industry experience. If you're industrious & looking to break into the business, we can't promise you'll meet your next boss. But this could prove to be a good networking opportunity. Just let us know your goals & we'll try to assign you tasks that might help you meet some helpful people!

Helpful links (once it launches)!

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