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CoCo (Corona Control) - Closed Loop Pandemic Management System

CoCo proactively identifies critical transmission zones, alerts users, tracks symptoms and organize patient flow

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About the Project


For any system to adapt well to the problem at hand, it needs feedback. CoCo (Corona Control) is such a closed loop system. It operates on anonymized crowdsourced data.

CoCo consists of 2 parts: the CoCoMed app and
The CoCoMed app is designed to overcome the primary problem of contact tracing apps, that both users need to have the app. Bluetooth based contact tracing needs around 60% of the local population to adopt the app for viability. We believe this threshold is untenable. We are using GPS data to overcome this threshold. The combination is used to prospectively identify vulnerable zones where infection can spread fast. This data can be used to direct testing/fumigation efforts in an informed manner. This platform is also well suited to large-scale clinical research. We collect basic health and medication data. This is used to identify co-morbidities and drug interactions on a large scale from identified cases. A symptom tracker is included for primary screening, following which where is an option to schedule tests and self-report in a verified manner. CoCoMed is a privacy-first app. We are using the TCN protocol for bluetooth and have developed an algorithm for private and secure GPS data transfer. Details can be found on our github page(readme). connects hospitals and health authorities. Hospitals update their inventory, patient load, personnel status, etc on the platform for authorities to view. Infomed also integrates with the CoCoMed app to help users schedule tests with hospitals and testing centers. We aim this towards reducing overcrowding at hospitals and reducing the risk of spread. This mechanism also helps verify self-reported cases, an important feedback feature.


How far along is it

We have a wireframe prototype app and website.
We need volunteers for android and ios development.
We also need help in Product Management, Partnerships, Fundraising, Public Health guidance, Content Writing & Content Development

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

1. App : iOS Native development (front/backend), Android Native Development (front/backend), Content dev (Animation, Motion Graphics), Translation , Security (App security/Network Security Experts needed)
2. Content Development : Animation, Motion Graphics, Video Production/editing, Content Writing (Blog & scientific)
3. Product Development
4. Outreach : To build a good media front & to help form partnerships with global organizations & government bodies.
5. Website: Web Security

Project details

Who is already working on this

Amey Desai - Analytics
Sairaj Khope - PM/Outreach
Dr. Ayesha Sunavala - Infectious Disease Specialist/Advisor
Ritvij Sharma and Abhay Shreevastava - Android developers

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