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Flo's Whistle - Pandemic

Flo’s Whistle app gives healthcare providers anonymous way to report truth about dangerous PPE & others shortages to public.

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Flo's Whistle- Pandemic is a Web-Based/ mobile first reporting application which feeds into interactive dashboard visualization w/ time-series animation and a data table.
The businesses that employ first responders and bedside caregivers do not permit them to speak out about work conditions, even when patients are put at extreme risk by their silence. "Whistleblowers" are discredited and/or punished. This tool allows them to quickly and anonymously report on a limited set of COVID related resource issues, including PPE & worker testing, once a day, and their reports will be added to a publicly available source, where journalists, public health, officials, legislators and the general public can get a front line view of shortages as they occur, and track them over time.

How far along is it

This is a re-deploy of a simpler version of the project which was tested for over a year. The visualization for that project was a simple choropleth map. We have the collection phase well in hand, but the vision for the dashboard is ambitious for our small team to accomplish quickly and time is of the essence!
We also have a well developed graphic identity and an active, established persona on social media for the project - "Flo Nightingale, RN" but no bandwidth to create a social media campaign that will reach outside the silo of nursing where she currently lives.

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1) dashboard design and build
2) social media plan/campaign for launch in very near future based on existing assets

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Code for Dayton, a Code for America Brigade, with multidisciplinary team of volunteers incl. developers, university school of public policy, emergency medicine MD & RN, investigative journalist

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Facebook: Flo Nightingale also Flo's Whistle (page)
Twitter: @F_NightingaleRN

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