OurStreets communities across the US track and search for essential supplies to avoid unnecessary trips to the store

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About the Project


OurStreets allow the public to track and report essential supplies at neighborhood stores, letting your neighbors know what’s available and making shopping trips more efficient to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The app is simple: an interface for shoppers and retailers to see and share what’s available at stores near them. Users can report the availability of items like toilet paper, soap and sanitizers, and fresh produce. These community-driven reports are searchable so you’ll always know where you can find what you need.

How far along is it

We launched OurStreets about 2 weeks ago and have had over 30k downloads to date with over 7,000 reports across 43 states and close to 20K searches per day. We've had over 20 media stories published about OurStreets.

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Who is already working on this

OurStreets was a pre-existing start-up that is temporarily re-purposing its platform to help with COVID. We have a 5 person team and about 12 volunteers helping us out right now.

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