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PPE Logistics is a software application connecting suppliers directly to caregivers for free

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Tulip's enterprise scale manufacturing software platform has been adapted for distribution of PPE from suppliers to caregivers on the front lines. PPE Logistics by Tulip is now being made available free to aid in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Most organizations delivering PPE are struggling with ad hoc information systems. These solutions are quick to deploy, but suffer from not being very robust, and quickly become inadequate as they scale. Manufactures of PPE, grassroots organizations and healthcare providers, stand to benefit greatly from utilization of this system. Adopters immediately realize huge improvements to their operations from this end to end logistics chain management capability.

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In production. Suppliers and Caregivers can sign up at and use the system for free.

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Need more suppliers to join. Need people with information systems application engineering and training experience to aid suppliers in integrating the software into their PPE delivery operations. Need promotional and marketing communications help to spread the word.

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PPE Logistics is a software system to connect distributed suppliers of personal protective equipment with caregivers who need it. The project started as the manufacturing and logistics system for, a grassroots effort to create and distribute durable PPE. The platform has now been generalized to permit other qualified suppliers of PPE free access to the system.

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