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crowdsourcing compassion

We're building a trauma-informed platform for centralized peer-supports during crisis and beyond .

Created 4 months ago
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On the heels of the COVID-19 crisis is a mental health crisis, triggered by isolation, quarantine, distancing and the traumas involved in a global pandemic. Healthcare systems are unprepared for a mental health crisis of this magnitude and informal efforts to provide support are disorganized and scattered. We propose creating a centralized platform for peer-support that is designed for people in crisis - intuitive and trauma-informed. We will use gamified functions to match users with opportunities to learn, grow, help and connect with others. By crowdsourcing classes, events and listening ears from other users wishing to connect, we can improve mental health outcomes by both giving purpose and giving access to socialization and coping mechanisms. In this way, we can reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

How far along is it

2 weeks out of the MIT COVID-19 Hackathon and making progress, starting to put tech together, funding applications etc.

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Any and everywhere :)

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*if you are short on time but would like to help out, please take our 2 minute survey! It will help us develop our product further :)

An iOS developer would be great, an Android developer with some time to spare (ours only has weekends free) and finance + marketing expertise would be helpful. Our designer could use an extra set of hands if anyone is interested in that.

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(1) Mental Health Clinician, MSW
(1) UX/UE Designer
(1) Machine Learning Specialist
(1) Web Developer
(1) Android App Developer

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Email works best!
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