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Covid Act Now - looking for UI/UX Designer to join our team

Building data tools to help policy and public health leaders safely reopen the economy

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Covid Act Now’s mission is to help the US reopen safely. We're building tools to provide useful, accessible, and actionable data to policy decision-makers and public health leaders charged with reducing the number of COVID19 infections in the United States and re-opening society.

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Since launching our US Interventions Model on March 20th, we've been accessed by over 8M Americans, and our model has been used by every level of government across the U.S., the military, private sector, and more. The model has also been adapted for use by several countries around the world, including India.

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You will be our UI/UX Design Lead and oversee our site design, including visual and interaction design -- with a focus on ensuring information is conveyed with clarity and understanding. Specifically, you will:

+ Ownership over the design and usability of
+ Review analytics data to identify areas for improvement.
+ Work with a cross functional team (Product, Marketing & + Communications, and Engineering) to understand the goals of the organization and our target audience (government officials).
+ Shepard new features to meet those goals from concept through implementation with our cross-functional team.
+ Ensure a consistent aesthetic across our site, newsletter, blog, and social content.
+ Work closely with our Data Visualization expert to ensure our charts and graphs are the best they can be
+ Conduct spot testing to ensure our user experience is smooth.

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We are a coalition of technologists, epidemiologists, policy makers, and clinicians, forming a distributed team of full-time staff and volunteers guided by common values:

You can see our full list of team members here:

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