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Read this before continuing if you haven't, it's very good:

We have a maximum of 200k ventilators in hospitals. In the hospital, more than 50 percent of patients are intubated. Those who don't need intubation are on a noninvasive ventilator with oxygen, usually 4 weeks. This means that in pretty much all scenarios, hundreds of thousands of Americans will die for lack of access to a ventilator, not to mention for lack of access to hospital resources.

However, there are hundreds of thousands of biPAP machines, and most of them can feed oxygen. And you can buy a machine that makes oxygen, rather than get a tank delivered. This can be done at home with a prescription if you have someone to manage the tech. In addition to BiPAP, CPAP may be able to help a lot of people, and there are millions of CPAP machines available. Certainly, some people will die at home this way, but they would more certainly die without getting hospital resources.

So the idea is to sell a kit to cash-paying customers, send them the equipment and use telemedicine to care for them and help them self-survive. It would be like $20k, includes 3 months of online support. Cost would be less than half that. Many of the pieces are in place, but the reality is that the fit of the mask is key and the staff to be on the other end of the Skype call doesn't exist right now. The people who have supported snorers with their masks have never seen a patient die or had to call the police because the patient wasn't answering the video call in the morning. It sucks, but it could save x - x00,000 lives, depending on the scenario.

You need clear step-by-step instructions. You need to understand whether the person putting it together is infected or immune or uninfected. Possible that groups of patients could help each other (this is a good general concept that could be explored further). Need to make checklists. Need to make a poster of what to do in which situations.

This is not my business, but I've started 20 companies and know enough people to put this together using existing online CPAP stores, Manila-based medical call centers, and a good web site plus PR. It would be grueling, but I need my next venture and would be willing to try (from home).

I could try to whip up some numbers. They would be wrong, but they may prove useful.

From there, once the crisis is over, the company is in a medical supply business for prescription durable goods that could potentially outcompete the existing companies and go on to be acquired by Amazon. I would find a CEO for it. Or we could just do it as a pop-up or a nonprofit and shut it down. The insurance liability and waiver issues would be significant, but death is also significant.

Have to educate doctors that there is this option, but they will understand it right away and may recommend for milder or younger patients. Need good PR and social media to get the word out.

For $20k cash, many upmarket families might just buy the kit and have it on-hand for grandma, even if they don't need it. The weakest link is the online support, but I do have an edge there.

I don't know if I could get this up and running in 60 days, but I could try. I would need a commitment of $3 million, so I can try to get service contracts in place, put up a site, create legal documents. Then probably need more once it's launched. I would need to move fast and break things. Everyone work remotely and use available resources rather than reinvent anything. I've done that before.

In probably half of all scenarios, this is a serious life saver using machines we have in the US already.

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