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Alternative Solutions For Rural Communities - Create Value & Collaborate For Good

Global transformation ecosystem to develop & implement solutions

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About the Project


This project will be an ongoing project. We are in the process of developing teams, process, platforms, and solutions to support the most vulnerable populations in refugee camps, towns, villages, rural and marginalized communities that need urgent support, enable governments with information ahead of time, work with academic, and industry to partner on impact projects.

End Goal: Develop Website (SAAS) and App to implement data-driven solutions

Preparing for Disaster - It will happen again, what can we do now.
In our AI Challenges, based on ML, AI, Blockchain concepts, we will test the systems, and help improve the programs, and or create new programs/solutions as needed in partnership with industry, academia, NGOs and government officials. The following are some themes we will keep in mind as we work on these projects.

A. The Science: How Disaster Could Start Again
B. The Organization: Survival of the Adaptive
C, The Leader: Leading for the Long Run
D. Preparedness: Emergency Planning Checklist for Communities
E. Communication: Getting Straight Talk Right
F. Modelling: Visualizing Your Vulnerabilities
G. Available Resources
H. Policy: What to Expect from Government
I. The Law: Limiting Exposure—of the Legal Kind
J. Test Case: A Preview of Disruption
K. Conversation: Staying Connected
L. Global Impact: All Eyes on the Starting Point

With these concepts in mind, think about ways we can do to improve the community's value to grow our communities.
Here are 5 steps we can take prior to engaging on projects:

Step 1: Understand what drives value for our communities during Emergency Preparedness
Step 2: Understand our value proposition to whom we serve
Step 3: Identify the community and segment (challenges or opportunities to improve) where are we can create more value relative to current systems/programs
Step 4: Create a win-win situation for the stakeholders
Step 5: Focus investments on our most valuable people/communities

We want to facilitate the exchange of solutions by opening up an open, public collaborative environment which is value-driven innovation. Service providers and researcher of solutions can directly post their details online, government and NGO organizations can post their urgent requirements, investors can fund vetted solutions, inexperienced professionals/graduates can obtain certifications, and be openly searched and browsed by anyone who has a demand, in a peer-to-peer fashion. We will also reference a complete list of open tenders/opportunities.

The platform will be subdivided into categories: Design, Test, Implement, and Evaluate phases. Data Quality & Modelling, System Software (Algorithms & Simulation, Epidemiology, Consumer, Public), Hardware (Protection, Decontamination, Detection systems,), and more. We want to get this website up and running and start listing by 26th of June or earlier.

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Concept Development and Process Innovation Stage

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Rural Communities

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Tasks that need to get done

A. SAAS & App Platform
B. Website Development
C. Global Outreach
D. Grant & Proposal Writing
E. Digital Communications - Videos, Blogs, Podcasts, Radio, News & Print
F. Program Management - Product and Solution Development, Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic Initiatives

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We have 10 member team so far pulled from a different project. We are creating these platforms to improve programs and process of marginalized communities, especially in rural areas so their governance can be improved through our collaborative research, and partnerships.

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Twitter Handles: @proworkgroups @ai4rural

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