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We are donating 1000+ washable head to toe suits for frontline healthcare workers.

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The Problem: I'm an emergency doctor at Elmhurst and Mount Sinai, and healthcare providers feel unprotected at work. Our government and donors are responding to the N95 need, but we need protection beyond masks. Our current PPE consists of a thin disposable gown that leaves your neck and arms bare, and exposes the entire back of your scrubs, forcing us to take contaminants home and risk exposing our families.

The Solution: While disposable hazmat suits are not feasible and will run out, we decided to donate washable head to toe suits to add to the existing PPE. We instruct everyone to wear a disposable gown over it. We have received tremendous positive feedback from hundreds of healthcare workers.

See and our CNN op-ed

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So far, 800+ healthcare workers have received them, and they absolutely love them. Another 200+ suits are shipped out. We are working with manufacturers to make at least 1000 more.

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Immediate: We are looking for garment manufacturers/designers who have connections to fabric suppliers. We are looking to buy polyester fabrics ~1-3K yards at the market rate.

End of April/early May: We are looking for a researcher in bioengineering, chemical engineering, materials science, or microbiology that is interested in studying the amount of contaminants on a healthcare workers' body at the end of a shift when wearing the suit versus wearing standard protection.

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Alicia Lu: I'm an emergency physician at Elmhurst and Mount Sinai. I have been working in the ICU and ER throughout the entire pandemic.
Dan Wu: Legal engineer, privacy counsel and cofounder of Frontline Suits. He is my partner and is fully invested in keeping me safe at work.

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