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Front-line employees are putting their lives at risk because of limited access to PPE. We can help.

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The business of supplying PPE is ruled by unethical practices and multiple middle-men that increases complexity. USIMC is on a mission to reduce the complexity, build long term relationships, and urgently help those in need.

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Currently supplying millions of units of gowns, masks, swabs, hand sanitizer, and more to major healthcare systems like One Medical, Sutter Health, and more. We are also starting to see a surge in requests from commercial establishments for buying “People Protection Kits” (sanitizers, 3-ply masks and thermometers) for their offices and establishments as they prepare to open.

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Email marketing campaigns, content creation, social media marketing, connections to organizations (large businesses, municipalities, healthcare systems, etc).

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Richard Purcell is using his strengths and privilege to be part of the solution during the pandemic. He and the founders of USIMC found success in Silicon Valley, and now focused on solving the complex supply issue of PPE.

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