(Dormant as of 6/2/20) A "works everywhere, for everyone, by everyone" COVID Dashboard

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About the Project


[from project's readme...]

"This project sets out to create a minimalist, accessible, lightweight, global, shop-floor data discovery tool anyone can use on any device in every conceivable internet connection that's faster than sending data by carrier pigeon. It is a humanitarian imperative to provide data discovery capabilities for every user we can. Those are the table stakes to answering the real question for internet users anywhere and everywhere -- How much of a threat is COVID-19 to my loved ones? We seek to give them the best answer to that question the data can provide."

Technical decisions were made to maximize contributions: Written in raw HTML/CSS/JS, minimal build tooling, frozen dependencies, very simple & cheap deployment architecture (static files), licensed to be forked (MIT), etc. .

How far along is it

The stable release of the website is at . I'm updating the data daily, but there is so much that can be improved. See the github "issues" for the latest ambitions/problems, and don't wait for me. See for instructions to contribute in *NON-CODE* & code ways.

Project target location
County-level granularity in the states, with the dream of similar granularity globally.

Project details

Who is already working on this

Just me. I'm in between jobs at the moment. After writing a charts PR for prior to going closed source (mid-March), I felt the drive to get this view released. Stable release was April 20th. Here's a bit more text around the impetus (from project's readme)...

"After taking stock of the COVID-19 dashboards, a vast majority have static charts. Few allow passing parameters to update these charts. Most of them aren't client-side applications, and some of them rely on third party services to create, update, expand upon, and serve. Some are open source and others are shoehorned into existing web templates. Others aren't clear on what data is being loaded in to inform the dashboard.

These were built with several misguided assumptions that forsake the broader need. The spread of COVID-19 is a global phenomenon and it should be a prerequisite to respect the locations, devices, and users that do not have capacity use these dashboards."

Helpful links

There is no "volunteer approval process". Do not wait for my response to start doing something. See the contributing instructions for non-code & code guidance .

How to get in touch
Open a Github issue ( ) or message the Twitter account ( )