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Build an N95 Mask *Filter Material* Factory

Solve the medical-grade respirator shortage by building a factory and scaling it up

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As makers and factories scale up production of masks, the shortage of NIOSH N95 grade filter material is being exposed. It's a highly technical process involving specialized equipment that is sold out and must be done in an FDA approved clean room equipped facility. The world's largest supplier is China, but export restrictions and import controls have made transfer virtually impossible. Assembly has developed an alternative production process, based on the one used by Sinopec. We're building a factory in the US. We need help with the remaining funding (750k) and engineers, technicians, and operators to help us staff it 24/7 in Silicon Valley (e.g. we're hiring; paid volunteers FTW).

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We have a factory/process design, supply chain, early test results, a building, some staff, and key components procured and en route.

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We need to raise an additional $750k. We'll pay it back 2x via revenue-share. We need industrial engineers and plant technicians with clean-room experience (paid work -- if full time, includes benefits).

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Assembly, Inc. (
Jonathan Friedman, PhD, CEO
Alan Zhang, COO
Richard Zhang, CTO

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