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Breathio UV-Mask

Respirator based on ultraviolet technology combined with typical multilayer carbon and wool filters

Created about 1 year ago
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About the Project


Breathio is UV respirator able to protect people against different kinds of air threats, including bacteria and viruses, such as coronavirus disease (COVID-19). It is based on a combination of an UV-disinfector, multilayer carbon and wool filters.

Due to the usage of UV-lamps inside the mask sterilizes inhaled air and protects people against being infected with viruses and bacteria. Multilayer carbon and N95 filters provide extra safeguard from different air threats, including ambient (outdoor) air pollution.

We are currently working on adding a Breathing Support System and a Communication Support System to the mask which will help a person who wears the mask decrease the level of air resistance and avoid complexity in the communication process that is distinctive for traditional respirators.

The next system to be added is a Fit Control System. Its functions are a constant check and notification of the mask untight fit and places where it should be fixed.

We also plan to add an Advanced Analytic System to the 3rd prototype. Based on ML algorithms and data collected from temperature and airflow sensors it will provide both: statistical data about breathing parameters and general body condition and predict the development of inflammatory processes.

How far along is it

Currently we are at an active stage of research and development. Breathio has its first working prototype and industrial product concept.

After 1 month since we started working on the project we have:
1) Developed the first working prototype
2) Created a 3d model industrial concept
3) Gathered a great team of 9:
4) Launched a website with a detailed explanation of our project:
5) Got started our social medias and keep them running on daily basis. This practice helped us collect more almost 400 followers in Facebook with less than 30$ budget.
6) Messaged different PR services with a polite request to support us by providing a free access to their tools. A 5 of them below supported our idea.
7) Sent tons of informative messages about the project
8) Run market demand test on Facebook and got 16 pre-orders at 0.52$ cost each with the US target audience.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We are looking for experienced Virologists, Immunologists, Pulmonologists, Infectious Disease Specialists and Physicists to get feedback and help with some of our hypotheses.

Here is the link to specific questions we are eager to find out:

Please, feel free to comment there or (and it's much better), please, contact us directly to discuss. We will appreciate it higly!

For final R&D, certification and mass production we are also looking for funding. We’re focusing on a long-term goal and would like to develop a high-quality product able to protect healthcare workers who suffer most from any pandemic and face the greatest risk.

Funding will help us:
1) hire professionals to strengthen our team technical side
2) develop end-product based on deep R&D
3) perform laboratory tests
4) complete certification for the US and EU markets
5) organize manufacturing

Project details

Who is already working on this

We've already gathered a great team of 9:
1) Pavel, our team lead and main creator with 7 years technical experience
2) Anton, a leading engineer with 5 years experience and broad areas of expertise from gas masks to electric motors
3) Alexandra, a medical expert with 6 years experience
4) Pavel, engineer expert with 30 years experience and 10 years experienced manufacture consultant
5) Anna, 7 years product development experience with Master’s degree in International Economy and co-founder of SaaS company
6) Maria, a social media expert
7) Ksenia, a language professional (english & chinese)
8) Anastacia, a PR expert
9) Daria, designer and knight of the virtual brush

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