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Covid-19 Stories

A platform presenting personal experiences of having COVID-19 shared from around the world, filterable by demographic.

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About the Project


As an asthma sufferer, catching COVID-19 was a terrifying experience. With my symptoms worsening by the hour, I was desperate to understand how my asthma might be impacting the infection, but there was little specific medical advice available. It would have been invaluable to have had advice from people of my demographic, and reassurance that it was possible to beat COVID-19 while having asthma. This thought is what led to the creation of Covid-19 Stories.

Covid-19 Stories is a social enterprise dedicated to collating personal, relatable accounts of having COVID-19 from people around the world. It focuses on both physical and emotional health and will have multiple translations for every video to make the project accessible to users worldwide. Rather than having to search for information across disparate sources, our website will allow users to filter stories by demographic and medical condition, so that they can access information specific to their needs.

How far along is it

The idea was pitched as part of a Techstars start-up weekend, where it received positive feedback from judges and an offer of assistance from Certified Health CIO Nicola Haywood, who runs the Tech4CV19 Slack community. Our website, built on Wordpress, was launched on 27th April. It currently has ten real-life stories from people who have had COVID-19 and we are continuing to improve the site’s functionality. We are appealing for stories and support through our social media channels, which have a combined following of 220 people.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Cloud Security/Data Protection/GDPR Compliance - We will be storing medical data securely in the cloud so setting up the database in the cloud, making sure that the link between the cloud and the front end is secure and that the system is GDPR compliant.

Branding/Graphic Design - We have some basic logos but we have not built a whole brand around the website yet. So brand creation based on our companies mission and values.

Fundraising/Crowd Funding - Forming a kick-starter campaign for us to cover hosting fees and cloud storage fees.

Marketing/PR - Create a marketing strategy/campaign to build up a user base and a database of stories.

SEO - Someone to create an SEO plan. At the moment we are using Yoast SEO through Wordpress but have not yet optimised for it.

Social Media Marketing - Create a bank of social media posts and create a social media marketing strategy to expand our follower base.

Project details

Who is already working on this

Saskia - her day job is as a Structural Engineer working on refurbishments in Central London. She is passionate about start-ups, especially social enterprises. A creative problem solver by nature, she is constantly coming up with ideas. In 2016, she ran a small social enterprise called Spare Change which was a tech platform creating a more accessible, useful way to donate to people who are living on the street. During this process, she set up and tested MVPs, created partner links all over Sheffield and attended an Ignite pre-accelerator scheme where she gained a variety of web and business development skills.

Harry - Is a writer, actor and producer based in South Korea. After studying at the University of York, he set up his own business as a freelance audiobook narrator, before his interest in Korean culture led to him transitioning to work at the international performing arts agency Theatre Bridge International, based in Seoul. With a love for any project that can bring people together, his skills include communication, storytelling, and managing teams.

Deepak - Is presently doing his MSc Internet of Things with a Year in Industry at Royal Holloway, University of London. Prior to moving to London for his Pre-Masters at University College London in 2018, he founded LegalClap a New Delhi, India based Legal and Financial Services website in 2015 and was the Managing Partner at Developer Pro, a New Delhi based web and mobile Development firm from 2017-2018. His areas of expertise include Business, Finance and Web Development.

Yoga - Is from Chennai, India. He’s studying a BSc Business Management, Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Cass Business School, City University of London. He worked for 3 years building a kids clothing brand in India before moving to London for university. He’s the founder of Garmented, an Enactus-run social enterprise with a mission to make adaptive clothing affordable, sustainable & fashionable. He’s a freelance web designer and digital marketer.

Mark - His day job is a mixture of data science, digitalisation, engineering and business however he 'moon-light' as a web developer and entrepreneur and he would like to continue to develop these skill sets. Most recently he has been experimenting with hosting websites on Google Cloud Platform and setting up virtual machines and databases.

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