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Selftrace lets you track self-reported COVID-19/symptoms cases on a live map

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About the Project


Selftrace is an open-source effort to map self-reported COVID-19 cases in real-time. We require that users self-report and, as a reward, show them a live map with anonymous clusters of users who are symptomatic or have tested positive.

Our aim is to build a tool that will

1. allow people to track the spread in real-time and take pre-emptive measures to avoid contact with high risk individuals
2. show people how fast the virus is spreading according to unofficial user data
3. allow us to collect meaningful data on a daily basis which we may share with scientists to further their research.

Volunteers from all backgrounds are welcome!

How far along is it

Both the web and mobile apps are done. We are working on adding new features to the web app. In talks with health institutions to partner with and publish the mobile apps.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

TypeScript, React, React Native, Jest, Next, Expo, NoSQL, Firebase.

Project details

Who is already working on this

Anar Kafkas - Software Engineer with a BSc from London School of Economics
Eric Vicenti - Full-Stack React Native Engineer, creator of React Navigation and Aven Cloud
Many other volunteers including some great engineers from Facebook, React Native, React Navigation teams

Helpful links

Web app:
React Native app:

How to get in touch
Email/Slack/Discord - You will receive an invite to Slack.
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