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Virtual Event Space

Our virtual event space allows people to join conversations the same way they would at a networking event.

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Networking is a key ingredient to developing solutions to problems like COVID-19. Currently, networking is hindered by COVID-19 and our current solutions are not optimal. Our product filters audio based on your position in virtual space and the conversation you are currently in.

How far along is it

We are at $40k of $75k in pre seed funds. We are looking to raise a seed round after we complete our paid pilot with Forward Fest (

We have started development on architecture for the audio streaming using webRTC. We are developing a novel design using a mix of Mesh and Selective Forwarding. The plan is to utilize the map to reduce the number of peers required to connect in a client's mesh even though the room is at 100 + participants.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We are looking to make deals with networking events in the entrepreneur space. They should be okay with a cheap paid pilot early on.

We are looking to make deals with recruiting events like career fairs at colleges. We will have proof of concept by the time we get to their Fall events.

Angular or React for Overlay
Canvas for Map

Web Audio API for audio filters

Audio and Video Streaming
WebRTC for audio and video
SFU (Audio video stream architecture)
Mediasoup (Open source SFU) (library for load balancing socket io)

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