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Tracking Website + OSS Libraries

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I am the administrator and project manager of a large COVID19 tracking aggregator website. ( over 1M hits with (~150,000 views per day). We are seeking to make real-time information about COVID more accessible and interactive than other sites.

We also have a strong focus on mobile which other sites do not cater to. We are looking to develop an open source library to incorporate lots of 1st party sources into our site!

We are also the team responsible for providing Reddit's official discord with automatic update channels (and are a featured resource on multiple subreddits).

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We're currently looking for engineering contributors to our data ingestion libraries. Our stack is Node/React/TypeScript with lots of AWS goodies. We need help to fill in the gaps and make these tools and this information more accessible to everyone!

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We have a small team of engineers who help out as needed and are currently formalizing a more proper team structure.

I am a full stack engineer with a B.S. in Computer Science and over a decade of experience writing platforms from the ground up.

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