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RemoteTA allows high school students to be "remote teacher's assistants" for elementary school teachers during school closures

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RemoteTA is an online volunteering platform allowing high school students to remotely volunteer with elementary school teachers and help teachers create the digital resources needed to teach online during COVID-19 school closures. Essentially, students act as “remote teacher’s assistants”, helping teachers complete various online projects.

The beauty of this platform is that a majority of the tasks teachers now need to complete due to remote learning - converting lesson plans into online games, digital worksheets, and other engaging formats - are all tasks that are second nature to high school students.

RemoteTA’s volunteering process is best explained by an example. Let’s imagine a scenario where we have an elementary school teacher Mrs.Harris and a high school student Kevin.

Mrs.Harris had a wonderful in-person game planned, intended to engage her students and get them excited about learning world history. In light of COVID-19 school closures, this is no longer a possibility. She has the idea of making an online game, however, she is not sure how to do this and knows it would take hours to implement her curriculum into the game. Now, she has a difficult decision. Does she scrap the idea for the game and do a standard lesson with her students, or does she spend her valuable time and energy making the game?

With RemoteTA, Mrs.Harris does not have to make this decision. She can get the online game she wants while spending a fraction of the time and energy it would take to make the game herself.

She accomplishes this in 5 easy steps.

1) Mrs.Harris creates an account on (a fully functional website)

2) Mrs.Harris briefly describes her project, specifies a deadline, and posts it on the website. It is now visible to thousands of high school students

3) Kevin sees the project and is intrigued. He loves making games and giving back to the community. Consequently, he signs up.

4) Now, Mrs.Harris communicates with Kevin over email to ensure he has everything he needs to complete the project. In this case, Mrs.Harris would likely specify what type of game she wants, how many questions it should have, and the curriculum for her history unit. Kevin can also email Mrs.Harris any questions he has along the way.

5) Kevin works to complete the project by the deadline and then submits it via the website. Now, Kevin has earned volunteer hours and is happy to have helped the community. Mrs.Harris has spent a minimal amount of time and is now able to engage her students with an online game. It is truly a win-win situation

How far along is it

We are currently beta-testing the website with local elementary school teachers. Once we incorporate some initial feedback, we plan to expand to other schools.

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Currently my leadership team is comprised of a President, Head of Technology, and Head of Outreach. We are working with 15 students to beta-test the website with local elementary school teachers.

Helpful links (This is the link to our winning project on DevPost) (this is our live website)

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