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Project Liber8 Chatbot

Project Liber8 Chatbot provides accessible info on COVID19 & effect of lockdown to migrant workers in Malaysia in 5 languages

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Numerous websites, infographics, and channels have been created to provide information on COVID-19. Unfortunately, in Malaysia, all this information might not be accessible to one of the most vulnerable segments - Migrant Workers; simply because of language differences. More importantly, there is not enough information on how COVID-19 and the government-imposed Movement Control Order (MCO) affects migrant workers specifically.

Project Liber8’s chatbot aims to fill this gap by providing the most relevant information for migrant workers in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Nepali, and Burmese.

How far along is it

We have launched the chatbot and are continuously improving it via updated, relevant and additional content

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Updating content and translation for Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Nepali, and Burmese and

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Project Liber8 is a nonprofit organisation that aims to shift attitudes and behaviour toward the issue of human trafficking and exploitation through youth mobilisation, public education, technology, research and creating strong partnerships.

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Non-profit (EIN: not US based)