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An open platform that empowers makers and suppliers to offer PPE supplies to validated health professionals.

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GetCovidTools is an award-winning innovative platform that brings protective equipment (PPE) to medical providers where it matters the most. There are thousands of suppliers and makers in various global communities. Despite hospitals and doctors being more than open to donations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there is little to no means of having a transparent communication channel where supplies can be sent to validated doctors and other professionals in such emergencies. GetCovidTools empowers both individuals and suppliers to connect online and make contributions that are well-coordinated and free of price-gouging.

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The platform is ready for use. We need makers, suppliers, and healthcare professionals to create accounts and start using the platform. We are also willing to accept feedback and improvement suggestions to our email -

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Moderation, Marketing, Communication, Finding suppliers/ makers to sign up, community outreach, onboarding healthcare professionals.

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We are passionate engineers and innovators who have built innovative technologies and scalable solutions that have been featured in CES and other top events before.

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