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Report misinformation you spot online, and join us to make the internet safer and healthier for everyone.

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Have you been seeing misinformation? Use Repustar to report questionable internet content relating to COVID-19 and receive trustworthy answers you can share with your community. By staying vigilant to misinformation and amplifying facts, we can all keep one other safer and healthier.

In the middle of a global pandemic, access to accurate information has never been more important.

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Repustar 1.0 launched on the App Store and Google Play on May 8th. We’re continuing to update the app and look forward to hearing your feedback!

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United States of America

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We need your help to track down online misinformation -- in YouTube videos, Facebook posts, blog posts, you name it -- and upload it into the Repustar app. From there, you can question specific claims that should be reviewed for accuracy. Our reviewers will respond with well-sourced, clear answers that you can share with your network.

We are only able to take U.S.-based volunteers given that our app is currently only available in the U.S.

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Our team members are based in the United States and India. Some of them include:

Chandran Sankaran (
John Marcom (
Sandeep Verma (
Robyn Sundlee (
Anna Lenaker (

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Learn more about Repustar here:

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Please reach out with any questions! Email us at
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