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All Hands: The World's Largest Random Pact of Kindness

Photo chain where everyone is “touching” hands, standing to remember to uplift & treat each other thoughtfully, pandemic or not

Created over 1 year ago
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About the Project


Even when we don’t physically touch, we can all still touch each other's lives.

All Hands is a simple way for us to show each other that we’re all still together and as we leave quarantine, to remember to keep showing up for each other with kindness and treat each other thoughtfully.

Take a special pic on our site and get added into the chain that looks/feels like you’re touching hands with people all across the world. There’s also a hub of anonymously submitted stories and “aha moments” to celebrate and inspire acts of kindness.

This is free.
Our startup normally focuses on a product that help you follow through on thoughtfulness for friends and family. All Hands is an idea our team had to connect ourselves while remote, and decided to open it up publicly to bring awareness to how little things can connect us no matter who or where we are, pandemic or not.

How far along is it

We launched the first version. It's unpolished but we shared via friends and family and within hours had folks joining from around the world.

Some of the next feature requests to immediately add: option to add your city, shorter verification code, ability to easily share, social media hashtags/account, etc etc. We have a list, and are open to more feedback from you, too!

We're in talks with some national nonprofits and helping with donation opportunities that could launch as early as next week.

We built a simple hand/face detection with countdown and auto pic-capture. We have ideas to make it smoother. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Experience works on both desktop & mobile and on both android & ios

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

>> Social media + marketing:
- We have zero presence so far
- Welcome help with promotion strategy to get the word out
- Need help with social media account setup and community management (people are asking which hashtags and accounts to tag and we don't have any -- once we do, we'd also like to thank each person who joins in beyond just our auto-email!)

>> Engineering: help with ongoing UI updates and helping us build our next feature requests more quickly. Bonus if you're a React ninja. Email us and we'll share more.

>> Testing & collecting feedback: Need quality assurance help to test things out as we deploy and find/list bugs and needed fixes as we go

Project details

Who is already working on this

The MIT/Google alumni team behind social memory startup Pluto

In partnership talks with national nonprofit orgs

We're a group that cares a lot about tech for compassion and enjoying the journey together just as much as the output. If you can appreciate the humor in a kazoo, you'll fit in great (ask us about it when we meet!) :-)

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