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Crowdsource purchases. Tap into your social networks to fund essential purchases.

Created about 2 months ago
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About the Project


We make it easy to crowdsource purchases. We're targeting healthcare workers who are struggling to purchase essential supplies.

USE 1:
Healthcare workers who need to purchase PPE or are cash-strapped can use to upload a need and invite their audience to contribute to it. All is done in a few clicks without the need to set up a campaign.

USE 2:
Millions are out of work. Many are cash-strapped. We make it easy to tap into your network of family, friends & followers to chip in to buy what you need. Need something from Amazon? Upload the link and have your network fund it.

We're like GoFundMe or Kickstarter but for your healthcare purchases. No need to set up a campaign.

How far along is it

We've completed mockups. We're in the early stages of building the app.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Right now we need:

- Experienced iOS and Android app developers
- UI designers

Project details

Who is already working on this

A team of designers from all over the world.

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