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Vera.Zone connects users for 1:1 emotional support chat with trained listeners

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About the Project

Description is an on-demand platform that connects people to trained listeners for emotional support. It serve to create a safe space for people dealing with daily struggles to vent to a trained peer support, feel heard, and a sense of belonging.

Social isolation and mental health issues were already increasing prior to Covid-19. Since the pandemic, death from overdose, suicide, and other mental health related issues have skyrocketed. We want to help people stay plugged into an always on social support system through Vera, so they could get help whenever they want by jumping on a 1:1 anonymous text/audio convo with a trained and vetted listener.

How far along is it

We've launched the landing page and are done with the MVP react native app. We are now looking for an experienced branding/marketer, a great product designer, and an experienced full stack developer/CTO to join the team.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We are growing fast and looking for

- CTO/Senior Dev
- Product Designer (UI/UX)
- Product Marketer/Growth Hacker

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Alice: product/design for Vera.Zone

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How to get in touch Email us with subject line "Volunteer Application"
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