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Novel Vaccine Candidate via Mammalian Cell Production

Subunit vaccine targeting novel viral protein currently not being exploited by current approaches.

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About the Project


Stark Therapeutics is producing a recombinant viral protein from SARS-CoV-2 in order to create a CTL dependent immune response to stop productive infection. To date, this represents a novel approach to vaccine development. For initial POC and toxicology studies, being conducted in coordination with BASi, we are using transiently transfected suspension adapted HEK293 cells. For long term production, stable transduction will be achieved with a Lentiviral system. Stark Therapeutics is partnering with Perception Biosystems and was funded by WeFunder’s "Fight the Virus" challenge.

We need lab techs to help on cultivating cell lines and chromatography (nickel IMAC, SEC, heparin). If you have wet lab experience and are in the San Jose OR Carlsbad area, please let us know! Timeline would be ~2-3 weeks as we’re finalizing our location now. Additionally, if you would like to serve as an advisor with a background in infectious diseases, protein expression, or other areas that may be helpful, we love to have people to bounce ideas off of! Don’t hesitate to get into contact.

Key points for the Mammalian Expression System:
-very well understood science and mechanisms
-technically straightforward
-easily scalable
-short turnaround times

Key points for using the selected sequence:
-defined role in T cell and immunity response
-similar but more simplistic approach to the vaccine mRNA-1273 developed by Moderna and other mRNA vaccines
-similar (and assumably efficacious) to other vaccines candidates developed for SARS-CoV-1
-no indication that someone is doing this yet

How far along is it

We are ready to start production in the next two weeks. Our current goal is to produce enough protein to complete initial POC data collection in mice. This should be completed in an addition 2-3 weeks.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

For our initial phase:
1. Protein expression- Lab techs needed
2. Protein purification- Lab techs needed
3. POC Study- BASi; no additional resources needed

Project details

Who is already working on this

Partnering with Perception Bio; Undecided location- San Jose Biocube or Bio, Tech, and Beyond.

How to get in touch
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Carlsbad, CA; San Jose
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