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Kufema - Breathe Zimbabwe

Helping people breathe & saving lives in Zimbabwe through building & donating breathing equipment (ventilators, masks, CPAPs).

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About the Project


We are making Africa-friendly open source ventilators, CPAPs + other breathing equipment to help with Zimbabwe's COVID-19 response. We are also repairing and refurbing hospitals and healthcare clinics to ensure that our equipment is appropriate, robust and effective in hospitals that treat COVID-19 patients for free. We share our open source designs so other countries can adapt and build our Africa-friendly designs. We'll branch into training (for equipment use, and other teams to build equipment) and maintenance once we've met our initial production run goals for Zimbabwe.

How far along is it

We have a prototype ventilator just starting testing. We are developing multi patient CPAP system with COVID adaptations (hoods etc)> We are pulling together a team of engineers to help with hospital refurb. We have a GoFundMe site, a very simple website, social media accounts & are active members of the national COVID response in Zimbabwe. We need core funding (as we operate on a shoestring, and lack of resources is delaying our progress). We need help with coding, social media, volunteer management, project management, information flows, marketing, government relations.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

Support with social media
writing grants and proposals
managing volunteers
managing engineers
importing medical grade components
financial accounting/management
administrative tasks
we need biomedical engineers - we have 2 outside of the country - need more to mentor /support the engineers with product development/production
manufacturing assessment survey for manufacturing /fabrication by small workshops in distributed locations
donor coordination/identification/management
support with winning trust/cementing partnerships with Zimbabwean government
mentoring/coaching the team
supporting the leaders in decision making/policy
human resource management - critical - we need team TORs, simple policies, and volunteer coordination activities
software/coding for medical devices and also volunteer communications
newsletter writing
graphic design
media relations

Project details

Who is already working on this

Juliet Le Breton - Founder/CEO - a social & behaviour change consultant, with decades of experience in international development; heart-driven, here to make a difference. Savvy, thinks out of the box, engaging, diplomatic, friendly
Tim Masson - acting Chief Engineer, naval architect, techie
George Chingore - lead engineer, TEDx speaker, team lead, ventilator protoypes
Mark Kidson, engineer, team lead multipatient CPAP prototype
Amy Harris, social media team lead
Barbara Mutedzi, project coordinator
Melissa Makwarimba, logistics and supply
Federico Bescotti, mechanical engineer, MIT
engineering advisory council (CEO of Zimbabwe Institute of Engineering etc)
medical advisory committee (3 anaesthetists and 1 sports physician)
and many others offer part time support.

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Remote and or Zimbabwe
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Non-profit (EIN: Not US based)