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WeServe is a platform for people who are in need and the volunteers, who are ready to face any challenge to help those people in need.

WeServe has variety of features, which can be helpful in case of pandemics and lockdown when people are unable to help themselves. Some of the key features of WeServe are:

1) WeServe has a unique section dedicated for news. This section is unique because it filters out every tragic and depressing news prevailing, and shows only the Positive News.

2) This is the most important feature of WeServe. It has a specially designed interface where people can log-in as a Common User or Volunteer.

Logging-in as a Common User allows them to share a message of emergency that they are facing along with their location. Those emergency can be medical, food, natural, transport and other.

Logging-in as a Volunteer allows them to see the emergency messages that are being broadcasted and any volunteer capable of helping them can reach out to the person with proper supplies.

How far along is it

We are already on stable curve on the app, we are proceeding with high paced development and advancement on app platform.

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Android developer
Graphic designer

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We are dedicated professional focused on one front that is to help out any needy in this pandemic .

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Non-profit (EIN: not US based)