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The da Vinci Institute

A new and innovate alternative to traditional education. We are building a platform for high quality open source education.

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As global unemployment rates hit an all time high, the world desperately needs an alternative to traditional university education.The da Vinci Institute will provide students with a degree level education at zero cost. The internet is an autodidactic's paradise, the likes of which da Vinci could only have dreamed off. However its resources can be overwhelming when searching for online courses and tools. Self learners often spend weeks jumping between platforms such as Udemy, Youtube and Coursera in an attempt to learn a new skill. This is highly inefficient and often leads to potential developers/data scientists giving up before they have really started.

The da Vinci Institue will provide a structured curriculum and provide students with a supportive online community and learning environment. Once our students have graduated from their study path, we will be able to offer them a volunteer placement with one of our partner charities where they will have the opportunity to apply their new skills to real projects and gain industry experience.

We would like to be in a position to launch this autumn (2020). However this will depend of key positions being filled and on staff capacity.

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We are in phase 2 of hiring.

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Institute Dean x1
Advisor (Education) x3
Director of Partnerships x1
Director of Operations x1
Director of Marketing x1
Director of Research x1
Senior Curriculum Architect x1
Curriculum Architect x5
Marketing Manager x1
Technical Lead x1
Front-end Developer x3
UI/UX Designer x3
Product Researcher x2
Full-stack Developer x3

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We are the sister organisation of
Currently a team of 15 dedicated developers, designers, researchers. We are looking to expand our team and capacity as the project grows.

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