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Food Relief

Food Relief matches the food insecure with restaurant partners for a free meal, all covered by donor dollars.

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Across the country, food banks and other organizations in the food security system are seeing 20x normal demand. Millions of individuals are going hungry, while restaurants are struggling more than ever before.

Food Relief matches the food insecure with a free meal from a partner restaurant near them, all via texting. This system keeps restaurants alive (and their employees working), injects funds into the local community, and eases the burden food banks and the rest of the food security system are experiencing due to COVID-19.

We've already served over 20k meals in San Francisco and are rapidly expanding to other cities.

How far along is it

We launched in San Francisco 4 weeks ago and have already served 20k+ meals.

Help Needed

Tasks that need to get done

We need help matching the hungry with restaurant partners, onboarding new restaurants, and launching new cities.

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Brent Summers – previously co-founded an education company, Code Free Startup, that was acquired in 2018. Brent also built another COVID project, Support Local, that helped small businesses struggling due to COVID-19.

Jeff Nobbs – Jeff currently co-owns Kitava, a paleo-focused restaurant in San Francisco. He previously was the COO of Perfect Keto. Prior to Perfect Keto, he founded the paleo delivery company Mealmade, and co-founded Extrabux which he sold to Ebates.

Justin Mares – Justin is the co-founder and CEO of Kettle & Fire, the fastest-growing bone broth brand in the country. He also co-founded Perfect Keto, a DTC food and supplement brand for people on a ketogenic diet.

Eric Ries - Eric wrote the bestselling book The Lean Startup, and is the CEO of the Long Term Stock Exchange.

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